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Rnea Garrah

Principal, Designer

B.A. Carleton University, Ottawa  |  S.S.W. Sanford Fleming College  |  ID Diploma QC Design

I am a seasoned designer, a positive and passionate leader with creative ideas and proven track record for turning ideas into reality. I am experienced when it comes to designing custom residential projects, custom homes and commercial projects.  I have managed and motivated teams, built and managed brands from the ground up.  I studied Psychology and social work and later Interior design, and it all worked really well together.  Interior design has been a passion since a very young age, and when thinking back about all my design related hobbies and mini business ventures it all makes sense that I would one day be working at this. Being able to see potential, and creating something out of nothing is pretty magical really. Don’t let my clean lines and eye for style fool you, this is all a plot for running the world, and making it more beautiful along the way. 

I have worked with some pretty great people and brands along the way; Pure Kitchen, J’adore Beauty Bar, Blue Panda Realty, Moksha Yoga, Her Esthetician, Clocktower, Kage, Artists in Residence, Tallow, Wheelhouse. 

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Kayla Pongrac

Principal, Designer

B.Arch  Carleton University, Ottawa  |  Master Studies in Advanced Architecture  IAAC, Barcelona

I have a vision with every project that is to create divergent concepts, which bring narration to design.  Art and Architecture are the foundation of my design projects.  I began this education with a Bachelor of Architecture at Carleton University.  This turned into furthering education at The European University of Madrid and Masters studies at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona.  During my studies abroad and personal travels, I fueled my passion in cultural arts, culinary and hospitality.  My objective with design is to recreate feelings one may experience in a particular atmosphere abroad.   I like to translate these vibes into local spaces to tell a story about art, food and the culture of design both inviting and innovative.  Although my specialty with interior design falls heavy in hospitality, I have continued to develop my architectural skill set with smaller residential projects.  This experience over the past few years has grown my knowledge in sustainable design and habitable spaces.  I plan to expand my knowledge in both architecture and interior design to bring avant-garde concepts to the boutique hospitality industry.  

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Peter Valiquet

Senior Designer

Arch.Tech  Ontario Colleges Advanced Diploma , Algonquin College, Ottawa

Peter is an architectural technologist and registered designer with the ministry of municipal affairs and housing.  He has a BCIN and an extensive understanding of the Ontario Building Code. After spending six years working for several luxury residential firms in Ottawa on a wide variety of projects, Peter now operates as a design consultant providing design and drafting services throughout Ontario and Quebec. Having been exposed to many aspects of architectural, interior design and construction he applies his knowledge to each project, developing drawings that are highly detailed but also easy to comprehend. Peter is always creating and expanding his expertise of traditional and contemporary styles.  When he is not designing, he spends his free time outdoors or playing music.


Jose MI Reyes

Senior Designer

M.Arch  IAAC, Barcelona  |  Sustainable Design + Construction Management NYU, New York  |   B.March, Universidad Iberoamericana

Jose is a well educated architect in training with ample experience in design, construction documents and project management.  He has executed projects from initial concept to final design and build.  Having run several projects with a family company, he has the skill set and confidence to work alongside Rnea and Kayla as they execute projects from design to permit to construction. 

Kayla and Jose both studied during the same year at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.