Canada’s Capitol has a history of rail transportation that has paved a creative track for the arrival of Ottawa’s first Food Hall located at the new Parliament Station on Queen Street in the Sunlife Financial Centre.

A station is a place of shelter, accessibility and the start or stop of a journey. As the Art Deco era stretched over the early years of rail development this was the basis to our design approach.

The interior aesthetic goal with Queen St. Fare was to embed subtle deco motifs in an industrial space to allude to the notion of familiar transient environments. Communal tables were designed to promote conversation amongst individuals also in transit. Wayfinding resembles that of over and under ground rail stations. The main bar serves crafted cocktails inspired by this era and provides a comfortable seat for that break between working hours or the next journey.

Throughout this project we worked in collaboration with Bentall Kennedy, Beauleigh, Neuf Architects, RECL Construction and LTR Millworkers. Our suppliers were primarily local and worked with us on our custom designs for furniture (Suite 22), lighting (Concord) and signage (Visionform). Iron △ Ivory designed the overall common space and Q bar, along with four local food vendors; Bar Robo, Mercadito, Sen Kitchen and Fiazza.

QSF Render.jpg