We choose to put the client at the center of any design project as we believe collaboration and transparency are key to a project's success.  Our consolidated approach to projects takes into account business objectives, product knowledge, budgets and timelines.  It is our commitment to design beautiful spaces with increased functionality and durability. 




During the first phase of all design projects we like to meet with the client(s) to understand the story behind their project and the goals they would like to achieve.  One or two client meetings are required during this phase to develop the budget, schedule, scope of work and the team involved.  These meetings also serve as an opportunity for the client to ask questions and express their ideas.  We begin by taking into consideration all parameters before preparing a creative strategy and program layout.  During this phase we work with graphic and branding designers to develop themes and moods as well as architects and engineers to establish a systematic floor plan and prepare for any building permits*.  To close this phase we will present to the client the information gathered along with a developed concept, moodboard and plan to develop the design.


If a building permit is required, this will begin during Phase 1 of the project.  We place permit and city requirements at the forefront of all projects to ensure timely turnarounds and to avoid any disruptions during construction.  The property information will be sufficiently reviewed with architects and engineers to establish building code requirements and if there are any specifics and/or restrictions such as occupancy increase, variances, etc.  Fees for permit preparation, coordination and application are additional to any interior design fees.




During the second phase of all design projects after the client has signed-off on the work complete in Phase 1, we work in the studio with our design team to research and development the concepts put forward.  Several site visits are required to verify measurements as we work towards assembling the technical components.  A sample meeting with the client will be required to review the material options chosen by the design team.   The most important part of Phase 2 is to produce a solid design package which will be submitted to the client for review and the contractor for pricing.  This will include everything from developed floor plans, sections, elevations and details to a supporting specification including finishes, fixtures and equipment.  If included in the design fees, a 3D model will also be developed during this phase to generate supporting photo realistic renders as well as an interactive virtual walkthrough of the space.  

If any city requirements were established in Phase 1 these will also be fully developed and submitted for approval during this phase.  We suggest a minimal 2 month timeline for the permit process as there could be a significant amount of coordination with consultants and city reviewers to confirm all building code requirements are met.  This may also result in changes to the interior design documents which will need to be reflected by the design team.  Upon building permit approval, all drawings are included in the package for review and pricing.  

Prior to moving on to the final phase, we like to suggest a meeting between the design team, client and contractor to ensure all feedback and input is received.  Once a comfortable scenario has been signed-off on, we will prepare the final design package for construction. 




During the third phase of all design projects we work diligently in the office to ensure all feedback, requirements and changes are reflect in the final drawings and specifications.  This phase requires little involvement from the client as the work is being generated by our team through computer software programs and a material approval process with our preferred suppliers and trades.  There will likely be several site visits to confirm all dimensions are accurate and any on site changes are recorded in the drawings.  The final package will include approved permit drawings (if applicable), interior design drawings and specifications along with any supporting renderings or special material samples.   

If included in the design fees, a project can move into a forth phase where the design team works with the contractor and the client to ensure all procurement and project management are completed according to plan.  This is not a mandatory phase of the design process however it is highly recommended.  

Our intention is to always stay connected with the client through email and phone to guarantee all questions are answered and timelines are being met.  We will always opperate towards an effective working relationship with the contractor so ideas are easily shared and problems are easily resolved. 



We believe in transparency and simplicity.  A thorough proposal will be provided to the client including the rate for all design work.  This includes design drawings and specifications for the construction build.  Procurement, Value Engineering and Project Management services are also available under a separate agreement.


We would love to hear about your upcoming design project. First phone consultation is on us!